Metering pump NEXA series


Modular hydraulic double diaphragm metering pumps for dosing and transport of chemicals.
As standard the pumps are with manual adjustment of the dosing volume from 0 to 100% within each capacity area.
Controllers of the stroke may be manual knob, servo motor, pneumatic actuator or a frequency converter.

All pumps can be delivered complying with the ATEX regulations.

The pumps come as standard with all wetted parts in AISI 316, PP and PVDF, other materials on request.
Valves: Cassette Modular (can be changed without disassembling the piping system)

The pumps are available in 3 series. Each series of multiple capability areas.
Depending on pump type and material, maximum pressure is 200 - 120 - 40 - 20 - 12 bar

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Motor type: Induction
Voltage: 230/415 V AC
Free flow: 0,06 - 2565 l/hour
Max. pressure: 200 bar
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