Linear Pumps OEM

Pumps for OEM with linear drive and vibrating armature are pumps developed especially as low pressure compressors or vacuum pumps. 
Linear pumps and compressors are quiet and efficient. They have a smaller need of maintenance than most other pumps and compressors, due to fewer wearing parts, linear compressors are long life and low maintenance devices.

We can offer a wide range of linear compressors with flows ranging from 5 to 200 l/min under free flow conditions.

  Title Specifications
LD series
Voltage: 230 VAC
Free flow: 8 - 28 l/min @ 0,05 bar
Max. pressure: 0,25 - 0,35 bar
LD DE series
Voltage: 230 VAC
Free flow: 10 - 60 l/min @ 0,1 bar
Max. pressure: 0,2 - 0,35 bar