Peristaltic pump with stepper motor

Seko introduced a new series of quality peristaltic pumps which all are with stepper motor. The pumps have an advanced software control that allows solving most dosage situations.

Pump series are produced in a robust design, which meet safety class IP65 .
The pumps are constructed with a dual line display, and are simple to control using the membrane keypad on the front.
The pump comes as standard with an alarm for tubing ruptures.
A wide range of hose types can be provided for the pumps.


The pumps are launched in two different series.

1FM Series is a multi-function pump with 6 different configuration options.

2CR series which is a series of pumps that have an integrated conductivity meter for controlling the dosage.

Series Kronos FM

Capacity range: 2-15000 ml / hour
Standard hose: Santoprene, Santoprene with liner, pharmed, Tygon 4040 and the special version with Goretec type.


  • Manual mode: (constant dosage with adjustable dosing rate)
  • Analog mode: 4 - 20 mA (Proportional control)
  • PPM function: (Concentration Control)
  • 1: N mode (Pulse-controlled multiplication)
  • N: 1 mode (Pulse-controlled division)
  • Batch function: (Programmed volume)

Series Kronos CR

Capacity range: 2-10000 ml / hour
Standard hose: Santoprene, Santoprene with lines, Tygon 4040, special model with Goretec type


  • Manual mode (constant dosage with adjustable dosing rate)
  • Conductivity Function: (Set point controlled) range from 100 uS to 15,000 uS